Cybersecurity  is  the protections of systems, networks  and data in cyberspace and also a critical issue for all businesses.
While rapid technological developments have provided huge areas of new opportunity and potential sources of efficiency for organizations of all sizes, these new technologies have also brought unparalleled threats.

Experts predicts that by 2020, there are many things that are connected. Putting software everywhere changes the way we live and our behavior and interaction around the world. As technologies become more and deeply integrated in our lives, the more we become dependent on it. But as soon as the technology fails, our dependence on it becomes vulnerable. As we depend more and more on technology, it is becoming more and more unsecure.

Most technology is vulnerable and can be easily hacked. Cars, home alarm system, plane systems, mobile banking apps are some of examples of these technologies we see everyday.

Cybersecurity is the biggest concern of 2017 because cyberattacks have been growing quickly over the last couple of years. All these cybersecurity problems make the cyberattacks easier and more dangerous.

Lack in knowledge and awareness of the importance of cybersecurity, complex scenarios where old, new and different technologies are used together and a lack of time and money for security are the causes of these cybersecurity problems.

Nowadays, it is important that technology is protected and secure. It is important to be aware of the serious cybersecurity problems currently affecting the technology.