We, not only Hackers are the ones who puts our online security at risk.  Sometimes, people risk their own security with the choices they make. A recent study shows that Americans are huge risk takers when it comes to digital safety.

No matter what kind of antivirus software and firewall protection is on your computer, if you engage in risky online behavior, it cannot protect you.

Millennials are considered the worst offenders. A bit surprising since they have grew up in a computer age and should be well more informed in security basics.

Using same passwords on multiple accounts including bank accounts, rarely or never change passwords, clicked ”I have read and understand the agreement” without actually reading it, and shared too much personal data on social media sites are some of the digital or cyber risks people admitted taking.

There are tips to keep your digital or cyber life safe. These tips can reduce risk on your privacy:

  • Investigate your email address
  • Manage passwords. Do not use the same username and password on multiple sites.
  • Close unused accounts to manage all of your online accounts at once.
  • Beware of phishing scams. Scammers will try to piggyback on data breaches and other scams that are making headlines.
  • Keep an eye on your bank accounts. You should be frequently checking your bank statements, looking for suspicious activity.
  • Check email security settings.
  • Have strong security software. Protecting your gadgets with strong security software is important. It’s the best defense against digital threats.