Google has released Chrome Version 103.0.5060.134 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, to fix 11 security issues, including 6 vulnerabilities reported by external researchers.

As of the time of writing, no exploits that exist in the wild were mentioned in the official update notes from Google.


A. Highlighted Vulnerabilities Contributed By External Researchers

CVE-2022-2477HighUse after free in Guest View
CVE-2022-2478HighUse after free in PDF
CVE-2022-2479HighInsufficient validation of untrusted input in File
CVE-2022-2480HighUse after free in Service Worker API
CVE-2022-2481HighUse after free in Views
CVE-2022-2163LowUse after free in Cast UI and Toolbar


B. Actions to be Taken

  • CERT-PH encourages all Google Chrome users/administrators to review and apply the updates to mitigate future threats.
    • To manually check for an update, you may do the following steps:
      • Go to Chrome Settings > Help > About Google Chrome
  • Regularly check and apply the latest patch of software, especially to public-facing applications.
  • Proactively monitor and secure identified systems and devices for any suspicious/malicious activities.
  • In addition, providing and capacitating employees with cybersecurity knowledge and information to minimize the attack surface.
  • For additional information, kindly refer to the official advisory:
    • <>