HackForGov is a capture-the-flag competition with the goal to immerse students in the realities of the cyberspace. Capture the flag competition a computer security exercise in which “flags” are secretly hidden in purposefully-vulnerable programs or websites.

The HackForGov aims to increase the pace of developing cyber-proficient students and engage them to take a path in cybersecurity to increase the pool of cyber-proficient individuals; develop problem-solving skills required to identify and mitigate cybersecurity attacks by providing real-world examples thru the analysis of challenges; and identify qualified students as Philippine representatives for international capture-the-flag competitions.

1. Who should attend the event?

HackFovGov Regional Qualifying is strictly for enrolled college students only, regardless of education path/program. (25 years old and below)

2. Is the event exclusive only for students enrolled at universities & colleges?

Yes, the participants for this particular event are students currently enrolled at universities and colleges. A series of qualifying rounds for all the regions across the country will be conducted to ensure the participation of other students/schools in the succeeding clusters.

3. How are we going to submit our application requirements?

Interested participants may submit their Letters of Intent and Curriculum Vitae through the links provided by each Region. This is subject to screening of CERT-PH.

4. What are the perks for the winning team?

  • Represent your Region/School in the HackForGov Finals that will be held in Metro Manila
  • Chance to join and bear the Philippine flag on the international Capture the Flag stage
  • Plaque of Recognition for the four members of the winning team
  • Certificate of Recognition for the school of the winning team
  • 5. What are the necessary tools/equipment that participants must bring in the event proper?

    Participants are required to bring their own laptop, which contains the different cyber/security tools and software.

    Recommended laptop specifications:

  • Processor: 4.5GHz
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Ethernet port
  • Has internet connectivity / internet-ready
  • 6. Do we need a team to accomplish the activity?

    Yes, the whole activity will require teamwork. Each team must consist of four (4) members.

    7. Can we allow non-registered participants to join the event?

    No, we will not accommodate additional participants past the registration deadline as this may disrupt the event flow.

    8. Is it possible to change members due to last minute adjustments?

    Registered team names cannot be changed but teams can change members as long as they belong to the same school. Replacements are still subject to the screening process.

    9. Is it allowed to bring mentors/ coaches/ guardians during the event?

    Yes, as long as the schools/ or their mentors/ coaches/ guardians, will cover their own logistics and meals. Only registered participants will be covered during the activity.

    For further details, please stay tuned to our official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Ncertgovph or contact us through our email address cert-ph@dict.gov.ph and telephone number/s 8920-0101 local 1708 or 2378 for further concerns.